BoBo's Best Kennels™





     At BoBo’s Best Kennels we pride ourselves in breeding happy and healthy American Bully puppies that grow into happy and healthy adults. Our dogs are fed and nursed on Diamond’s Taste of the Wild, as well as, high protein meats, and vitamin supplements. BoBo's Best are high energy, and intelligent. They require lots of excercise, and while we socialize our pups,continued socialization is a must.

As a certified kennel we assist in rehoming APBT's who have been displaced and, although we do not issue refunds we do have a "no questions asked"return policy in an attempt to assure that none of our dogs end up in local shelters. Our level of expertise and comittment allows you to feel confident you have chosen the highest quality of service the breeding industry has to offer.

When Only the Best Will Do for Your household companion needs! BoBosBest Kennels knows you have put your trust in us to make sure your Bully is bred to kennel club standards, and have received the unique attention they deserve.

By keeping owners up to date and informed by way of social networking we have come to view our customers as extended family, and are always available for questioning regarding the well-being of  your pet so you are assured peace of mind at affordable prices.